Side project now has a home

Hello Everyone,

A project that I began last Christmas with my good friend Chris Klaxton has finally been given a home on the internet.  The project, titled VonBerwick, features mostly freely improvised music and a few loosely composed pieces from a collaborative cast of characters.  To date, the band has featured Chris on trumpet, myself on saxophone, Michael Effenberger on Fender Rhodes and effects, Sunniva Brynnel on accordion, Eric Von Oeyen on drums, and Eric Klaxton on saxophone. 

The recording was done by Kendall Moore in beautiful First Federated Church in South Berwick Maine.  Having recorded the project in this church and recently been listing to the fascinating life of Hildegard Von Bingen, we named the project with a slight nod to her.

Much of this music is as much about what the listener brings to it with their imagination as it is what we imagined one would experience.  Think of it as more of a dialogue with you than the spoon fed music that permeates the radio.  We plan to continue recording and adding new collaborators in the future.  The playlist will be ever changing from the wealth of material we have from these sessions.  We'd love to know what you think.


You can find us at: