Live at the Kennedy Center - 5 January 2011 Solos: Jon Wikan, cajon; Mark Small, tenor sax WINDS David DeJesus Rob Wilkerson Sam Sadigursky Mark Small Josh Sinton TRUMPETS Seneca Black Tom Goehring Matt Holman Nadje Noordhuis David Smith TROMBONES Noah Bless Tim Sessions Kevin Moehringer Jennifer Wharton GUITAR Sebastian Noelle PIANO & KEYBOARD Red Wierenga BASS Matt Clohesy DRUMS & PERCUSSION Jon Wikan
Open Ended CD Release Party at the Kitano. August 21st, 2013. Buy Album: Mark Small - Saxophone Asen Doykin - Piano/Wurlitzer Peter Slavov - Bass Colin Stranahan - Drums
Composed, Conducted, Mixed and Edited by Rafael Piccolotto de Lima.
Coming together from diverse backgrounds that span not only geography, but musical influences, it might seem surprising to some that these musicians find common ground. In reality, they have the ability to use this common ground as a point of departure to explore the divergent paths that their collective musical ideas can lead.
Another track from the Three Leaf Project. Enjoy! Captain of a Sinking Ship Written by Nick Hetko Recorded on October 13th, 2013.

I performed the clarinet parts as well as some saxes in the big band music in this short film by Bill Block.  Big props to Dave Ratajczak in this film.  He was actually a seriously accomplished drummer and does a great job with his role as an actor.  You can also see me in a few funny choice spots in the movie.

Taking at Clarinet solo at Madison Square Garden (2:00) 

Mark Small - tenor sax Sebastian Noelle - guitar Devin Gray - drums