Whats new:

Chris Klaxton's debut album Starcode

Kendall Moore
's new release Focus

Martin Bejerano
's new CD "Potential Energy", on which I'm a featured guest, is now out. You can find info on his site or 'like' him at his Facebook fan page

You can catch the CD release for "Open Ended" at Kitano in Manhattan on August 21st at 8pm and 10pm

The collective 4tet record
"Open Ended" has now been released on CD Baby. You can hear clips of the tracks or purchase the CD there. Also visit the Open Ended site for more information about the band.

New link to
The Dymaxion quartet EPK for the new record
"The Way"on Vimeo

Check the links page for updated discography

See Mark's music profile at Facebook under "Mark Small" with tracks, photos, and event updates

The Dymaxion 4tet on Josh Jackson's "The Checkout"

Featured on
Darcy James Argue's Secret Society
debut CD "Infernal Machines" available at New Amsterdam records which is nominated for a 2011 Grammy in the jazz large ensemble category

Small Grey Seabass debut recording

Darcy's performance at The Kennedy Center

Performing w/ Patrick Cornelius on "The Checkout"

Mark's co-lead band with Walter Smith called "Bronze" on Fresh Sounds records

As always, drop a line at
mark@smallmusic.com if you'd like to share any ideas, thoughts, etc.


"Mark Small's approach to the saxophone and music is refreshing and mature. He has all the elements to create a style of his own. I hope Mark is the wave of the future in creative music."
Dick Oatts

"...between lyric beauty and virtuosic brilliance."
Shelly Berg from the notes of "Definitive Standard" (Jason Goldman Nonet)

"Small's horn is everywhere, dipping and careening ......taking an initial melody and stretching and manipulating it as if sending it through fun house mirrors"
Brita Brundage Fairfield County Weekly

Available for performances, clinics, commissions, and private lessons

Covering a wide variety of styles specializing in improvisation
Audio/Video Clips

Video from 10.6.11 with Ludwig Alfonso @ Van Dyke Cafe (Martin Bejerano, Armando Gola)

Clip 1

Clip 2

Video from 8.18 with Martin Bejerano's 4tet @
Van Dyke Cafe in South Beach Miami


Short clip from a fan at
The Mint show
(august 20th, 2007)

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Just thought I'd check in since I've been away from here for so long.

If you haven't found it yet and would like to hear my speech project, there are some tracks online over at Soundcloud under marksmallmusic. There are also a few tracks of a recent gig with pianist Tal Cohen.

Hope you enjoy,

Ok, it's been way too long since I've gotten around to writing here. Hello again old friend.

My first bit of business is that I've had this problem on here where other pages won't load from the links unless you hit enter again while the cursor is in the URL box. If anyone knows how I can fix that in dreamweaver, you would be my savior.

Onto the music! I recently had the opportunity to play two CD release shows for good friends both in Miami and in New Hampshire. Kendall Moore recently released his album Focus which can be found through this link. The show was great and the band are all my favorite players in Miami as well as Marquis Hill from Chicago and Angelo Versace who has recently moved to Tuscon.

The second CD release was for Chris Klaxton's debut album Starcode. The CD was recorded last year around the same time and this year in the course of one week we 1.) rehearsed all the material from Starcode 2.) Learned an entire new albums worth of material 3.) recorded the new record over three days 4.) played two crazy great CD release shows in Kittery, ME and NH. The band really came together in a big way for these. I could tell you about everyone (a few of the same folks from Kendall's recording) but you can read all about them here. You can also find his bandcamp page here.

Alright, I promised myself I would get this post done and get back to work. My alarm went off so this is it but I'll be back soon. And for all you techies that might have read this, drom me an email if you may have a solution to my linked page problem. I'll most certainly get you free copies of these CD's if you can solve it.

Bye for now,

Tonight I'll be playing with a wonderful collective band known as Lightbulb. We formed this band when singer Roxana Amed contacted both myself and Rodolfo Zuniga after moving from Argentina to Miami. It's an exciting journey finding music from all the members that creates a unified sound. I hope you can join usfor this performance.

In a few weeks my good friend Sebastian Noelle will be joining us from NYC to perform a number of dates in Miami. You can find these on the tour page. His first date will be at The Globe on sept. 13th.

I'll be back playing in Miami July 23rd at the Fish House with David Leon. He has developed a wonderful community at this venue through his jam session and it's always a pleasure to play there and hear the upcoming talent.

I'll be playing with Gary Thomas on July 25th at he Bass Art Museum in South Beach Miami. Gary's record "A New Beginning" is out and the band will be featuring the music from the disc.

Back performing in Miami this saturday the 28th at The Globe in Coral Gables. Joining me is Rodolfo Zuniga on drums and Josh Allen on bass.

A big thanks to Julien Augier for an amazing trip to France and Belgium early this month. I had the privilage to play with and have my music performed by Bruno Angelini, Mauro Gargano, Damien Varaillon, and Nicolas Moreaux. Can't thank you guys enough. Looks like we'll be planning another trip for next summer as well with hopefully more dates and more locations.

Glad I got my site editor working again. There are a few things I wanted to let you all know about coming up soon. I'll be heading to Paris this week to perform with good friend Julien Augier and the Round Trip Trio as well as doing some clinics.
June 3rd will be the first show at Sunside, so if you think you'll find yourself in Paris this upcoming week, check Julien's site for more dates and locations as well as my tour page.

I'm also working with another old friend, Damon Grant, on hisupcoming project which you can find here. He can tell you more about it but I have had the pleasure of playing in a few different bands with him and I think this CD will be worth the listen.

The folks at Sweetpro Music who make the music for the Louis C.K. series invited me to play with them on very short notice last week in NYC and told me they will be releasing tracks from the entire run of the series on CD soon. I will keep you posted on that since my clarinet and bass clarinet work isfeatured in season 2.

My trio will be playing at The Globe in Coral Gables on June 28th as well as being featured on the air at WDNA Miami on July 3rd at 11am. I'll be sure to mention these as the datse gets closer.

Check back for more info on the progress of recordings I've done recently with Chris Klaxton and Kendell Moore.

As always, thanks for reading and hope to see you soon,

It's been a while so I have a bunch of interesting things to post. First off, I'll be performing in NYC on May 17th at the Whynot jazz club (a new venue in the village) with "Open Ended".

I'll also be performing at a benefit for my old high school on May 16th, so if you happen to be in the Norwalk vacinity that day, look us up.

After this, I'll be heading to Paris to perform a string of dates with drummer Julien Augier.

I recently recorded with composer/trombonist Kendall Moore here in Miami at Red Rocks studio. This record will most likely see release next spring but Kendall will be keep everyone updated on his site. I'm excited to see how this will turn out. It's got a fantastic band featuring Angelo Versace, Gary Thomas, Michael Piolet, and Tim Jago, as well as being prouced by John Daversa

I posted a recording of a recent performance in Miami on soundcloud. It was a new project for me that involvedturning speech patterns into music. This isn't new but I tried to make the compositions be entirely based on the speeches themselves.

You can find that here at soundcloud

I'll have more news soon and thanks for checking in.


I haven't done this before but I really liked how this performance with pianist Tal Cohen came out.


This is a composition of Tal's that we played for an afternoon performance at University of Miami, recorded by the composition dept.

Hope you enjoy,

Greetings Everyone! It's a brand new year and I hope you're all enjoying a fantastic beginning. Just wanted to let you know about two shows I'm doing with some very special people. The first is tomorrow night (1/8/14) at Launch Pad in Brooklyn. I curated this show for my visit to NYC and decided to get some of my favorite players. Show starts at 8pm and features:
The Good Find
Mike Shobe- Trumpet
Myself- sax
Ben Wright- Bass
Matt Kilmer- Percussion

I had the pleasure of recording music for the second season of Louis C.K.'s FX series with these guys. You should see what they do live.

Next up is Small/Gray/Seabass
Myself- Sax
Sebastian Noelle- Guitar
Devin Gray- Drums

And to cap it off is
Jeremy Udden/Mike Baggetta Duo

The second show will be this Sunday (1/12/14) at Ibeam in Brooklyn. This is a musician-run performance space. I'll be playing with The newly minted Brookmeyer Project, begun by myself and Jeremy Udden to celebrate one of our mentors, trombonist/composer Bob Brookmeyer, and his small group recordings.

The band features:
Jeremy Udden- Sax
Myself- Sax
Frank Carlberg- Piano
Martin Nevens- Bass
Ziv Ravitz- Drums

Hope you can join us for one or both of these shows. We are really excited about the music and everyone has really put their all into these special occasions.

Have a happy and healthy new year,

I'm currently in Dover, NH preparing for a recording with Chris Klaxton and a string of performances here in NH and MA.
Brave the cold if you're up here and come out to see this beautiful music at:
Dec. 20 BUOY Gallery in Kittery, MA
Dec. 21 Barley Pub in Dover, NH
Dec. 22 Press Room in Portsmouth, NH

I've also been playing with a Miami based project called Three Leaf Trio. We've been recording and you can see them here

Captain of a sinking ship


Lights Out

These are some truly wonderful musicians in the Miami area and I look forward to future projects with these guys.

Been a long and busy quarter of a year since I've updated. In that time I've recorded music for America's got talent and the Macy's Day Parade. I've had the amazing opportunity of learning from film composer Chris Boardman and Terence Blanchard. I've enjoyed playing gigs with The Eddie Harris Project here in Miami and hope there are more soon. I've been teaching for workshopsfor high school jazz musicians hosted by WDNA radio station at their gallery. More things I can't even remember at the moment. All in all a productive few months.

I'll be recording in New Hampshire with trumpeter Chris Klaxton (of Tan Vampire fame) before Christmas and returning for a few shows in the city after the holiday.

More news to come and hope you're all doing well.

Thanks for reading,

Just back from an amazing CD release with the band Open Ended at The Kitano in Manhattan. 2 packed sets at a beautiful intimate jazz club, there's nothing like it. If you'd like to get yourself a copy of the CD, you can find that here

I'll be playing another upcoming CD release in Miami for Martin Bejerano's record Potential Energy. That will be September 5th at the Van Dyke Cafe on south beach. Martin's CD has been getting a lot of recognition and I'm incredibly happy to have been a part of that recording.

As always, the occassional experimental gig at Churchill's with the Ulibarri/Yarling/Small trio which will be happening again this Monday night.

I'll also be playing Friday with the Max Farber quintet at MOCA in Miami as well as playing with my trio at The Globe in Coral Gables. The trio will feature Rodolfo Zuniga and Gary Thomas.

Hope you can join us for one of these upcoming performances.

Till then, take care

I excited to announce two bits of news. First The CD release for "Open Ended" will be held at Kitano in NYC on August 21st. Hope to see some of you there.

Second is Martin Bejerano's release of his CD "Potential Energy" on which I'm a featured guest. He's a monster player and I hope you all get a chance to hear the fantastic music he has conceived on this latest release. If you're into the facebook thing, you can follow him here.

Also want to say how thankful I am that the fire from the next door apartment in New York didn't spread today to my unit. I'm lucky for a lot of things.

Happy Independence day to my fellow americans and a good thursday to everyone else. Just wanted to post that Open Ended will be performing in NYC for our upcoming CD release party at Kitano on August the 21st. Please come join us for this special performance.
Also, check the tour page for other upcoming performances. Have a great weekend!

I want to send a special thank you to Aldo Salvent for making a quick trip of mine to Costa Rica become a really special experience. He showed me around and let me perform with him and saxophonist Josh Quinnlen's group in the town of Jaco. They're both really talented musicians so check them out if you get the chance. I can't thank Aldo enough for the hospitality.

Just wanted to post the video of the WDNA show.

Click Here

It's always an amazing time playing with these fantastic musicians. I only hope the video does justice to the energy that was in the room. Here's hoping to more performances like this to come.

I've been incredibly busy and I hope that the tour date page has been more helpful than this space to let you know what I've been up to. I wanted to announce that I'll be featured at Miami radio station WDNA's jazz encounters series on April 19th. They host a performance in their studio gallery at which I'll be playing with my quartet featuring Martin Bejerano, Gary Thomas, and Michael Piolet. Following the performance, I will be hosting a workshop as well on improvisation. I'm really excited for this opportunity and I hope you can join us for this wonderful night of music.

Open Ended was just released on iTunes. Just in time for the holidays

I'll be playing two fun shows in Miami this week. The first is on Tuesday the 11th with Fernando Ulibarri's quartet at a great spot called The Local, in Coral Gables. We get started around 7:30 and there are usually some guests who come to play at some point.

The next show is Wednesday the 12th at Miami Tower (100 SE 2nd st.) with Gary Thomas's quintet. This band has been playing regularly and Gary writes some beautiful music. The concert is located in the sky lounge and we start at 7pm (3 sets, no cover)

In other news, Open Ended just released our debut project on CD Baby. It will be out on iTuens soon and we're setting up our CD release party for NYC sometime this year. I'd love to know what you think of the record so feel free to write at the address seen on the far left.

Hope your holiday planning is going well

I've recently found out that the record label and home to many of my favorite artists and friends had been devastated by hurricane sandy. They were located in Red Hook, Brooklyn and the description of the damage is pretty horrible. Their dedication to their artists was equally matched with their love of a wide umbrella of styles and personal expressions. I can say that my personal career has been enriched by the support they have given to people whom I've been fortunate enough to play with such as Sam Sadigursky and Darcy James Argue's Secret Society.
Please visit their page and sample their music. If it moves you, this would be a good time to help support them by buying some of their music or donating to their cause. You can read all about them but all you need to know is that they themselves are artists and they give a sizable portion of the sales proceeds back to the artists on their label.

New Amsterdam Records

I've been getting a lot of searches for the music from the TV series "Louie" and I wanted to point people to my friends who create that music.They brought me in to play on the second season and you can find them at Sweetpro Music. The music was a mix of jazz, rock, and classical. These musicians were creating the music right in the studio with suggestions straight from Louis. Again, one of the most fun and creative experiences I've ever had. Check out their site if you are interested in their music.

Thanks to a cancelled flight due to Hurricane Isaac, I have some spare time to write and let you know that the Dymaxion quartet recently recorded for WKCR in NYC and Gabe will be doing an interview with them this friday to discuss the music and the band.

You can check out the EPK of the new record
"The Way" on vimeo

I recently did a few performances with Martin Bejerano's Quartet as well as recorded his new record (which was made possible by a grant from Chamber Music America). You can see our recent performance at the Van Dyke Cafe in Miami through the following link.

Van Dyke performance
(recording available for a limited time)

I'll be traveling to NYC to record again with the Dymaxion quartet for Columbia University WKCR jazz series. The Dymaxion Quartet's recently recorded
project "The Way" is in it's final stages of production and should be available soon. I'll keep you informed.

On a similar note, the Openended project is also in it's final stages and should be available by the end of the year.

You can visit the websites for these groups through their highlighted links above. That's all for now. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.

A lot can happen in a month. I just got back from recording the tracks for the Openended project and I think we came together to create some really beautiful moments. To all those of you who supported the creation of this project, we can't thank you enough. Now comes the production side where you have to mix and pick it apart until it sounds just te way you imagined. Shouldn't be long before a record emerges though.
Hopefully we'll have a little bit of content to share on the website for everyone.

Since last updating, I've been pretty busy. I played a forum for UM with Dave Douglas, cliniced with the talented students of New World School for the Arts, performed with Elliott Sharp as part of FridaMusque, and set a recording date for the project Openended (as well as many a recital here in Miami).
I'll be performing with Take 6 this Sunday at Gusman Hall on campus at University of Miami. We'll be joined by Terence Blanchard and arranger Gordon Goodwin. If you're in the area, I'm sure this will be a good show (and if not, I think you can catch it streaming on the frost school of music website).

Just want to let everyone know that one of my projects, a collective trio known as Small Grey Seabass has just released our first, self-made trio product* which is available on bandcamp for a pay-what-you-wish or what you find in the cushions of your couch or floor of your car. You can find it HERE
This trio was formed to explore sound and melody freely from any point that the three of us wanted to with little or no planning. Over time, a few things were written but they're meant to blend seamlessly with the improvised moments. Please check it out and I'd love to know what you think. Full disclosure: I think escape plan is my personal favorite

*product - what do you call something when it doesn't even have a physical presence (no CD, tape, etc..)?

It's kind of amazing that with todays technology, we recorded in a friends living room and I mixed in my NYC apartment and now you can experience it with a key stroke

I want to send a big thank you to everyone who supported the funding of Openended, a project that is very important to me. Whether you directly funded it, shared our link, told someone about it, or however else you spread the word, we were able to reach our goal. We've already started working on the album and can't wait until you hear the finished product. Stay tuned for more updates through our web site at www.openendedmusic.com.
Your voice matters and the success of this project proves it. Thanks from me and the members at Openended

Also, this weeks concertsat the Jazz Gallery and Douglass Street.

With 2011 wrapping up in a few days, we're down to 3 days for the pre-order of Openended's debut recording. We're 91% of the way to funding it and with a few more orders, it will become a reality. If you're interested in the project, please visit the link over to the left under "what's new".

Has anyone tried to email from this site and not gotten a response? I'm trying to assess the email client for this server and hope none of them have gone missing.

I'll be performing once again with Darcy James Argue's Secret Society on Jan. 7th at the Jazz Gallery in NYC for the Winter Jazz Fest. This band constitutes one of the most moving musical experiences I've ever been part of so I highly recommend coming to check them out.

I'll also be performing with another stellar group called Anicha for our CD release on Jan. 10th at Douglass Street Music Collective. The group itself is a collective of shared compositions and leadership. What better place to host the show than at a venue that is run on collective leadership.

Hope everyone is having an extraordinary holiday season,

Hello again,
I thought I had posted this earlier but I had not listed it on this site. I am excited to tell you about a group that I am a part of. This group is called Open Ended and its a collective 4tet of likeminded musicians who come from very different backgrounds. We are all in control of every aspect of this project, from the writing, booking, recording....
Currently, we are looking to do a recording and are trying to fund this by a method of pre-ordering through a website called kickstarter.
The link to our project is HERE
you can also search kickstarters website for Open Ended
You can watch a promotional video that shows the band rehearsing some of our material and talking about the project.

I hope you get a chance to check it out.

Just wanted to say a quick thanks to everyone who has visited the site. I see that I get hits from as far away as Beijing, Singapore, and Cairo. I hope you all enjoy the site.

Also wanted to let folks know about a concert I'll be part of on Nov. 4th at Miami's Arsht Center.

The following evening, I'll be part of a program called Sleepless Miami which has concerts from 6pm until 6am in and around South Beach Miami.

And a special shout out to my people in NYC who are braving their first snow of the year. ope you're all well.

For anyone who emailed this past month, I have fixed the email client and will be receiving emails again. Sorry for the problem.

In other news, you can find a link to Ludwig Alfonso's gig at the Van Dyke, featureing Martin Bejerano and Armando Gola.

Performing at the Van Dyke Cafe in south beach with drummer Ludwig Alfonso tomorrow night (oct. 6) at 8pm

Concert with Dave Douglas last week, concert with Dave Holland this week and a week of master classes with Terence Blanchard. Miami is treating me pretty well.

Just found this link that I didn't realize existed from an exceptional Darcy James Argue performance captured by WNYC radio at Merkin Hall.
Link #1
Link #2
I came across the practice material for the Vijay Iyer piece and it made me go searching for the audio from the show.

There's some video available on youtube from my show with pianist Martin Bejerano. I had an incredible time playing with these guys and I hope there's more performances to come.

I'm really happy to be part of an upcoming book of interviews with musicians entitled "The soul of jazz". The release party for the book will be in Washington state at the beginning of September, so if you're in the area, check out the information on the website.

Just watched episode 4 of Louie C.K.'s show "Louie" and he used a bunch of my clarinet playing as well as part of a big band arrangement that I did on the spot. It's funny that the episode features Joan Rivers, who I have also played for. Strange coincidence. If I'm not mistaken, Louie does all the editing of the show himself. He's a pretty amazing artist.

I'm excited to announce that I'll be joining my long time friend and pianist extraordinaire, Martin Bejerano, with his group at the Van Dyke Cafe in South Beach Miami on the 18th of August. We'll be starting at 9 and playing Martin's original music.

Just a quick reminder that I'll be performing with the Dymaxion quartet this friday at Launch Pad in Brooklyn.

My recent show with Rob Wilkerson went fantastic and it was so great to see such a turnout at a place that is notorious for low attendance. I can remember playing with one persons band (who has a following) and there were 2 people (including the door man) for the first 45 minutes. Thanks to all those who made it a very special night.

Had a rehearsal to prepare Gabe Gloege's suite for the Dymaxion quartet upcoming performance at Launch Pad in Brooklyn on the 29th. I'm really excited as this piece is tightly conceived and very thematic. A work based on the Tao Te Ching, its slightly different than your usual jazz fare. I think you'll enjoy it.

I'm excited to announce that Rob Wilkerson and I have a joint show coming up on July 17th at the Brooklyn Lyceum. This is the last show before I spend a fair amount of time away from NYC and this stellar band will feature Mark Ferber on drums, Dave Cook on piano, and Edward Perez on bass. This will be a pretty special show for me as they're good friends that I don't get to see or play with very often. They're outstanding players in their own right so I can't wait to hear them together. The night will feature originals by Rob and myself as well as some choice covers. Hope you can save the date and join us.

Just returned from an inspiring tour with Darcy James Argue's Secret Society and am truly lucky to get to hear those fantastic musicians day after day doing what they do best. Darcy's music seems to spark the imaginations of these top notch players.
I'll be joining Andrew Rathbun's big band for a performance this Tuesday at the Iridium jazz club in NYC.

Hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July (for those of you in the US) and a great week for everyone else.

Been another month filled with quality big band music. From a gig and recording session with Asuka Kakitani's superb big band (can't wait to hear this record when it's done) and another gig with composer Nathan Parker Smith's big band to the upcoming Canadian tour with Darcy James Argue's Secret Society. I'm truly lucky to play with this diverse pool of musicians. New York continues to amaze me with the level of talent and dedication.

A big cheers goes out to vibraphonist Chris Dingman on the release of his latest record Waking Dreams. Check it out and buy your copy today. I make a slight cameo on track 8.

Hope all's well,

Next gig on the 13th will be inpreparation for composer Asuka Kakitani's upcoming recording session with her big band. We will be performing at Brooklyn's Tea Lounge at 9pm. Another recording session that same is for guitarist Dan Arcamone's new record.

I've updated my discography which has been woefully out of date. You can find information about these records when they are finally available as well as others that are already released.

I'll be performing with Nathan Parker Smith's large ensemble a little later in the month for St. Peter's jazz vespers series on Sunday the 19th at 5pm.

Hope you're enjoying the summer,

May has been a pretty relaxing month for me so far but I do have one performance coming up that I'd like to tell all of you about. Darcy James Argue's Secret Society will be performing at Littlefield in Brooklyn (fast becoming a favorite venue for a lot of folks) on thursday the 26th. This is the only gig for this band before we depart for a Canadian tour in June so get your secret society fix now.

Thanks to Earl Macdonald and the Glastonbury High School Jazz Band for a fun concert and clinic. Other than a Secret Society gig later this month at Littlefield (great new venue in the gowanus section of Brooklyn) and a recording session for the free improv trio Small/Grey/Seabass, this month is going to be filled with practice and relaxing time in prospect park.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to write me at the link on the far right. Hope everyone is enjoying this time of year as much as I am.

All the best,

Two concerts this past week that were both beautiful experiences. First, played with Frank Kozyra's group at Black Eyed Sally's in Hartford CT. Frank is not only my first call repair guy at The Horn Shop in West Hartford, he's also a monster tenor player who was in full force monday night. To my surprise, my old mentor Dave Santoro came by and sat in as well bringing back great memories of the many times I was privileged to perform with him in the past.

The next concert was my opportunity to perform as a soloist with the Uconn Concert Band. It is a rare experience to stand in front of an ensemble that large and get swept away by such a bed of sound. It was an honor to be a part of that performance.

Next week I will be traveling to Western Connecticut State University with Darcy James Argue's Secret Society to perform for their jazz festival (April 30th). If you're in the Danbury area, this is your chance to check out this stellar band.

Take care,

Just recorded 2 days of material for the second season of Louis C.K.'s tv show on FX called "Louie". The music was mostly improvised and written on the spot by a group of fantastic musicians. It was really an amazing couple of days. Thanks to Mike Shobe and Matt Kilmer for hooking me up with that.

Tomorrow (the 14th) I'll be at the Iridium with Darcy James Argue's Secret Society for 8 and 10pm sets. As always, this band consistently amazes me and I'm sure tomorrow will be no exception.

Tonights concert with Asuka Kakitani's orchestra was a truly moving experience. Not only performing in a benefit to help those who are in trouble in Japan, but performing on the same bill with jazz luminaries Frank Wess, Randy Weston, and Harold Maybern is a great honor.

Take care,

Idan's recording date was a fun experience and I'm excited to hear how this project comes out. Asuka's first Japan benefit turned out great. Hope you can make the next benefit concert on the 13th (see below). This week will feature 2 separate recording sessions as well as concerts with Asuka and Darcy's Secret Society. I'll also be playing in Williamsburg this saturday with Jeff Miles at the Cuban Social Club.

Summer is oh so close,

Friend and photographer William Wadman took some photos of me and my saxophone. You can check out the one he posted on his blog here (the blog is indeed worth checking out for anyone interested in photography)

Hello again. Seems as if April is the month for me and large ensembles of all types to cross paths.

Tomorrow (April 2), I'll be performing with Idan Santhaus's big band at The Falcon in Marlboro, NY. We'll be joined by guests drummer John Riley and bassist Todd Coolman. We head into the studio the next day to record Idan's record.

Next up are two benefit concerts featuring composer Asuka Kakitani for her native home of Japan. First concert on April 7th will be at the Gershwin Hotel in Manhattan (8pm). The second will be at St. Peter's Church on the 13th in midtown Manhattan and will feature a list of jazz luminaries.

Small/Gray/Seabass will be performing for a photography exhibition being held at Launch Pad in brooklyn on April 8th at 8pm (yes, this is a trio so I guess it breaks the large band streak)

It's back to the big band with Darcy James Argue and Secret Society on April 14th at the Iridium jazz club in Times Square.

Big bands aren't large enough for this saxophonist so on April 19th I'll be guest soloist with the University of Connecticut Wind Ensemble (you know, the school with the basketball team in the final 4 at the moment). Details of a possible clinic on the 18th are in the works.

Moving right along to another Connecticut university, Darcy James Argue and Secret Society will be performing on April 30 at Western Connecticut State University in Danbury Conn for their Jazz Festival.

If you want to hear me and like your bands to have more than 15 people in them, April is your month.

Hope all is well,

Returned from the weekend concert with the PMEA District 9 jazz band. These students worked incredibly hard and played a great concert. Its always inspiring to work with students who put in that much effort solely for the love of music. With their talent, I'm sure I'll be hearing about them again very soon.

Next weekend I'll be playing with Idan Santhaus's big band at The Falcon in Marlboro, NY. The concert is April 2nd and I've been told this is a fantastic venue.

Hope everyone is enjoying the start of spring (even if it is pouring here in NYC)

Take care,

Looking forward to my trip to Pennsylvania to work with the PMEA district 9 regional jazz band this weekend. After picking out some Thad Jones and other charts for them, it made me wish I was in high school, getting a chance to play these again. Can't wait.

Congrats to Danbury High School last week for winning the NHS jazz festival which I judged in CT. You guys inspired me with your performance.

I'm going to have to put Patrick Cornelius's show at the Rubin as one of the highlights of 2011 (you might think it's too early to say but look forward to something that can beat that). The band was smoking and the venue has some of the best acoustics I've ever heard in a room, plus they stipulate no microphones so the audience gets treated to the purest sound of any venue I've seen.

I also recorded horns for Karlie Bruce's upcoming CD. Look for that to be finished later this year. I'm sure to keep you up to date as she's one of my favorite vocalists.

Filmed a short music documentary (possibly) with a new collective called "Open Ended". The band consists of myself, Asen Doyken (whom I have toured to Bulgaria with), Peter Slavov, and Colin Stranahan. I look forward to seeing what magic videographer Ziv Damary works with our material.

I'm heading off this weekend to judge my old high schools jazz festival and then enjoy Brad Mehldau at Sander's Theater in Boston.

The following weekend I'll be guest conductor/clinician for the PMEA District 9 jazz festival in Tunkhannock, PA. Looking forward to working with those bands.

Back to performing in April with Idan Santhaus, Asuka Kakitani, Small/Grey/Seabass, and Darcy James Argue.

Take care,

Hope some of you check this before tomorrow because I'll be performing with Darcy James Argue's Secret Society for the Ecstatic Music Festival at Merkin Hall in NYC. Show starts at 7:30 and you can check out the Merkin site for more info about tickets and such.

Spent this morning recording again at WBGO with Patrick Cornelius's group for Josh Jackson's show "The Checkout". That should air sometime this week in anticipation of Patrick's show at the Rubin Museum in NYC on the 4th of March. The band features Taylor Eigsti, Reuben Rodgers, and Jonathan Blake. Should be an amazing show.

You can also catch me next week with George Petit's quartet at Kitano on the 3rd of March.

Wish my hosts server had been up (all problems resolved) so I could have given everyone a last heads up about the CD release party for the Dymaxion quartet at the Chelsea Art Museum in Manhattan. The show featured the photographs which the music was based on for the newly released CD, Sympathetic Vibrations.
The space was beautiful and the band played great.

Next up is a performance at the Launch Pad in Brooklyn with the extperimental trio Small/Gray/Seabass on Feb. 18th.

In the not too distant future is a performance with Patrick Corneliuos's group at the Rubin Museum in Manhattan on March 4th. Get your tickets now. He's celebrating the release of his critically acclaimed CD "Fierce" (on which I play a small cameo role)

By the way, the Loser's show was sold out and a lot of fun. Thanks to all who came out.

Stay warm folks,

It's been busy between rearranging charts for the upcoming Loser's Lounge show in Philly this weekend at the World Cafe and recording with the Dymaxion 4tet for Josh Jackson's show "The Checkout" on WBGO (which will air on March 1st between 630 and 730). Just wrapped up recording horn parts for a talented trumpeter, John Raymond, which will be part of the twin cities gospel group "Darnell Davis and the Remnants" latest recording.

After this weekends fun with the Loser's, the next big show will be the Dymaxion 4tets NYC CD release at the Chelsea Art Gallery. Tickets are on sale here

On the Horizon is the Secret Society meets guest composers concert for the Ecstatic Music festival. Here is an article on the opening of the festival so far. More on that later.

Hope you're all well and see you soon,

Just back from a great trip to DC with Secret Society. 3 concerts in 2 days ranging from Kennedy center stage to an old fashioned basement throwdown. Pretty fantastic.

APAP convention is in town this week and that means one thing:
That no one I know has any idea what the acronym means. (Association of Artist Presenters)I'll be performing an APAP showcase at Joe's Pub this Sunday with the Loser's Lounge doing their tribute to the Beegees and the Rat Pack.

(if you don't know Joe's Pub, don't be fooled into thinking its a quaint little irish pub tucked away in Manhattan. It's one of the premiere music venues NYC has to offer that is still actually somewhat intimate)Monday night, I'll be performing again for the ever popular "Size Matters" series which brings in a new big band every monday night to Brooklyn's Tea Lounge. This week will be Nathan Parker Smith's large ensemble and boasts a pretty amazing band. On Thursday, I'll be back at Tutuma Social Club playing once again with bassist Edward Perez's afro-peruvian quintet. This band is not to be missed.Hope everyone's year is off to as great a start as mine and there will be more to come. Hope to see you soon.


Alright people, it's a brand new year and I'm going to start it off by posting here as often as I can to keep you in the know about what I'm up to. This upcoming week I'll be performing in DC and NYC with Secret Society (you can find the specifics on the tour page). The following week I will be playing with the Loser's Lounge as well as with Nathan Smith's large ensemble at the tea lounge in brooklyn.

More to come but I just wanted to wish everyone a great start to a happy new year. Hope you all enjoyed yourselves last night.


I hope everyone had a great holiday no matter what you celebrate and I wish you all a wonderful New Years wherever you may be celebrating.

One last gig before the year is out. I'll be playing tomorrow night at Tutuma Social club with Edward Perez's quintet from 8:30 until late. There's no cover charge and the club has the perfect intimate atmosphere.

I'd like to send a big thank you to the many groups that I have had the pleasure of playing with and recording with this year as well as the fans who have allowed for the continued success of these musicians. Without you, there'd be no shows.

Big thanks to-
Darcy James Argue
Vanguard Jazz Orchestra
Gabe Gloege and the Dymaxion quartet
Patrick Cornelius
Erica Von Kleist
Chris Dingman
Damon Grant
Edward Perez
Asuka Kakitani
Asen Doyken
Peter Slavov
George Petit
Ethan Herr
Loser's Lounge
Danny Fischer
Nathan Peck
Andy Green
Mark Mollica
Dan Loomis
Dan Arcamone
Sarah Tolar
Rob Mosher
Matt Holman
Idan Santhaus
Greg Diamond
Wu Li
Reggie Quinerly

Thanks to you guys, I get a chance to play music I love for people who truly enjoy hearing it. I wish you all the best for 2011 (hope I didn't miss anyone).

All the best to all of you in 2011,

Almost forgot to mention, Secret Society was nominated for a Grammy. Keep your fingers crossed for us. There are links over at my facebook fan page.

Just finished a week of playing with bands that cross the spectrum of music from the chamber improv style of Anicha to Afro Peruvian jazz with Edward Perez's band, from futurist big band "Secret Society" to the funk stylings of Nathan Peck's Spank Ray.

This weekend is dedicated to the Loser Lounge's residency at Joe's Pub, presenting the music of the Rat Pack.

A number of things that are well worth checking out are Gabe Gloege's and Patrick Cornelius's interviews on The Jazz Session. I appear on both these albums (Gabe's as a member and Patrick's as a guest). Host Jason Crane has some insightul dialogue with these guys about their process for making music.

I'll be playing with Gabe's band the Dymaxion quartet next week (12/16) at Cafe Vivaldi.

Also next week (12/17), Small/Gray/Seabass makes another appearance at the amazing new space in crown heights, Launch Pad. If I haven't explained this venue yet, its a store front that acts as a community center where any event that they hold is open to the public and free of charge. On any given day, you can learn guitar, sewing, yoga, etc. It's run by some pretty motivated visionaries that are breaking new ground in what it means to create a community.

Small/Gray/Seabass is a trio dedicated to sound experiment and improvised interaction so most everything you hear will only ever happen that moment. You''ll be the only person to ever experience it if you come and join us. Also,the space is so relaxed you can bring dinner, drink, crash on the couches, sample the wine they have, ask us questions, etc.

Other exciting performances are in the near future and I promise to update more often (especially since the cold here in NYC will keep me inside more often). I miss the 96 degree weather from my trip to play at Cafe Metropole in LA. Thanks again to Paul Im and Dan Seeff for arranging that performance.

The secret society Europe tour was an amazing experience. To be put up at one of Milan's finest hotels, treated like gold, and travel hassle free with friends as well as have time to meet up with a number of old friends who live in Europe was an experience I won't forget. Thanks to all that made that possible. And by the way, the concerts were pretty incredible too.

Hope you're all well,

I do love when I spend the entire day being my own management company. Phone calls, music being mailed out, websites to update.......

A few noteworth events to mention:

A record I made a guest appearance on is being released by the truly gifted altoist Patrick Cornelius.
You can find links to the reviews that are coming in here
Review 1
Review 2
Review 3
Review 4

Recording for pianist/composer Ethan Herr's project is finsihed. I'm really excited to hear the finished product of this session as there is some hauntingly beautiful songs that stuck in my head well after the session. More news to come about that project.

And again, I'm plugging my joint show with saxophonist Walter Smith III in LA on at Cafe Metropole on Nov. 4th

Looking for something to do in Connecticut this weekend (of course you are), look no further. I'll be performing with guitarist Dan Arcamone's group Saturday night at Szechuan Tokyo in Hartford.

The Secret Society's European Adventure is right around the corner as well so if you can't make it to the states to see us, we'll be coming to a city near you (that's if you're near London or Milan).

Also, the CD release for the Dymaxion quartet will take place at the Tea Lounge in Park Slope, Brooklyn on Nov. 12.

(further of is another GP5 hit at Miles Cafe, a house concert in Lefferts Garden Brooklyn for Anicha, and yet another trio hit for the Small/Gray/Seabass at Launch Pad in Brooklyn so stay tuned......)

Posted new tracks and am in the midst of finding new pictures for the photos section. New dates listed over at the myspace site.

Dymaxion quartet debut CD coming out next month. CD release will be held at the Tea Lounge in parkslope Brooklyn.

Just went into the studio to play on vibraphonist
Chris Dingman project. I'll let you know when there are any developments with that project.

If anyone has tour photos or video that you'd enjoy sending me and allowing me to post, I'd appreciate it.

Listing of new shows and tours has been updated on the myspace site. Will eventually get to posting that here.

Hope all is well,

Had a busy few weeks learning music and peforming with a number of groups:
Wu Li
Rob Mosher's Storytime
Chris Dingman (recording)
George Petit
Dan Loomis
Gabe Gloege
Sebastian Noelle (for our trio)

among other things for private events and such.

Upcoming projects like a performance tonight with Peter Slavov and a recording session with pianist Ethan Herr are the next things on my list. A few New York performances are coming for the Secret Society as well a European trip for the group. You can always check my schedule at: www.myspace.com/marksmallgroup

Hope to see you sometime soon,

So it's been a while. Reintroducing yourself to the music scene in NYC is not as instant a process as one would think (considering I've lived here for the better part of 10 years). This should explain my lack of posting here. As things are going great, having just returned from performing in Rhode Island for the Newport Jazz Festival with Darcy James Argue's "Secret Society" (which can be heard on NPR's concert page) and a performance in Portsmouth NH at the Press Room. If you're ever up in NH, do go see Ryan Parker host the jazz session on any given sunday. You won't be disappointed.
Inbetween taking time to write new music and enjoy my first full summer in NYC in over 6 years, I am planning a string of performances on the west coast. At the moment, our first firm date will be at Los Angeles's "Cafe Metropol" on November 4th. You can purchase advanced tickets from them to reserve your seat. More dates to follow.
Recordings for both the Dymaxion 4tet and Anicha ensemble, for whom I play, are on their way as well. They span a pretty wide range of the kinds of music I like to get involved in.

Hope summer is treating all of you in the Northern Hemisphere well and there will be more to come soon so please check in again.

Filled in last minute for Rob Mosher's band storytime tonight. If you get a chance to hear his CD, it's pretty amazing writing as well as playing. Getting ready to go into the studio with the chamber ensemble Anicha. Still planning a recording for this fall, more about to come.

Upcoming performances posted at

After a long hiatus from internet updating (and the use of myspace and facebook for informing people of gigs and news) I'm going to try and manage this site better. If you're checking in here for the first time, my record for my co-lead band "Bronze" (with Walter Smith III) is now available in physical form at Fresh Sound Records.

I've been performing with Darcy James Argue's band "Secret Society" more often and it's been announced that we'll be making an appearance at the New Port Jazz Festival with special guest (and one of my personal mentors) Bob Brookmeyer.

Also, looking to upgrade my website so I can include tons of tour photos and other good stuff. Looking for that to happen in the near future.

That's all for now, thanks for stopping by.


Finally able to update again. Guess it's been over a year now and it's been about 6 months since I've finished touring for the present with Buble. Lot's of new things since then which I will be mentioning or adding to the site including-

Featured perfromance on Darcy James Argue's band Secret Society's Debut release (New Amsterdam records)

A tour to Bulgaria with pianist Asen Doykin's group

A tour to the south with George Petit's quartet

A concert with Aretha Franklin

Sporadic performances with the Broadway Musical "Chicago"

(among other perfromances that I will remember when I get over the awe of being able to actually update this page again)

Each of these has its own unique moments that I may share if I can get a blog portion to this site up and working. Please check back in every now and again. I hope to have time to update.

For those of you who need your recorded music in physical form (I don't blame you, let's go back to vinyl), Walter Smith and I are currently working out a deal to have the Bronze CD distibuted. Look for updates on that as well.

Good to be back and hope to make music for you soon,


As you can tell, not much break in between tours to update. Just wanted to say that if you're visiting here for the first time through the Wikipedia page, feel free to email and say hello (link is on the far left under contact). Hope to see some of you while on tour and thanks for dropping by.


A new design is on the way for the site. Please check in to find out when. Canadian tour is about 1/2 way through. Lots more dates straight through summer.

Not much news here other than the 1st leg of the MB Europe tour is now coming to a close. Just wanted to say thanks to all the people around the world who have been checking my site from time to time. I see that there are people from as far as Pakistan to Norway, Bangkok to Germany, who have looked me up. Thanks for visiting and I hope that I get to perform in your area sometime in the future.

All the best,

In the middle of a European Tour with Buble but I wanted to let everyone know that Walter Smith and I have just began selling tracks off the first record of our co-lead band "Bronze". You can find them at our myspace page myspace.com/bronzemusic1

I'd like to thank everyone who has already stopped by and picked up the record. I can't say enough how excited I am by the great responses I've gotten already.

Hope everyone is well and I'll have more to say when I get some time.


Just trying to enjoy some time off from traveling. I'll be performing with my band at Jimmy's again on September 20th for 1 set starting at 10pm. More details to come so please check back in.

Been a while but I wanted to give a heads about a show I'll be playing in LA. I'll be performing with Walter Smith again at The Mint on August 20th (the day before I perform with Buble at The Greek Theater) starting at 7:30. Tix are $7 and there might be some CD's available (thats a big might. We finished recording but are still working on post production). We're hoping this will be a nice warm-up for all you Buble fans who want to see more jazz while on the west coast.
After us will be the spectacular vocalist Sarah Gazarek with her band. She's one of my favorites and well worth coming to see.

More info to come (and possibly some tracks of the band on the myspace account)

Thought I'd give some advanced notice on a very special gig coming up. May 30th I'll be performing at Jimmy's with a new collective group co-lead by myself and the phenomenal saxophonist Walter Smith III. We're in the process of putting together a recording so this gig will be a test run before we go in the studio. Joining us will be Matthew Stevens on guitar, Alan Hampton on bass, and Danny Fischer on drums. Hope you can join us that evening beginning at 9:30.

Oprah....yeah, did it. Fun times. Now its time for the Darcy James Argue Sercret Society to play Bowery Poetry Club in Manhattan this Saturday the 19th, 8pm. Click the link for more details.

I know it's kind of last minute but I'll be performing saturday night at Jimmy's (click link or scroll down to 3/1/07 for address and info). We start at 9:30 and play 2 sets till 12 and the cover is $8. Hope to see you all soon.

Finishing up reorchestrations from Michael Buble's new record for the touring band and then it's off to LA to rehearse for his summer tour.

When I return, I'll be playing again at Jimmy's on April 4th with my quintet which will feature Edward Perez on bass and Bill Campbell on drums again as well as Frank Locrasto on piano and Nir Felder on guitar. I'm pretty excited about this one as I'm trying to finish new music for this configuration.

This gig will be 2 sets at 9 and 10:30. Info on Jimmy's is listed in a few of the previous currents. The week day cover is $5. Hope you'll be able to join us.

I have some new tracks up from our last gig on my myspace page and I will hopefully be adding some new tracks on this page as well.

Forgot to put this up here but I am performing with my group this Saturday night the 3rd at Jimmy's, number 43 on 7th street between 2nd and 3rd ave starting at 10pm for 1 long set. The band will include longtime Boston friend Edward Perez on bass and NYC compatriot
Bill Campbell on drums. The cover is $8. Hope to see you there.

If you'd like to be put on my mailing list, please write to me at the email address located to the left.

I'll be performing in Soho on monday at a small restaurant called Boom, located on spring street. Its a nice restaurant with a small bar. A very intimate space to hear me perform with Edward Perez's trio (Ziv Ravitz on drums). We begin at 8.

I managed to put some new pictures in amongst the old ones and fix some links. I noticed that attendance has begun to fall off. Maybe its time for a new web designer.

In other news, I'll be performing this Sunday with Rob Mosher's 10 piece "Storytime" group at the Brooklyn Lyceum which is run as an open rehearsal with a performance run of the works at the end. It runs from 5:30-7:00.

Hello again,
For all of you coming to NYC for the IAJE (jazz educators convention), I'll be performing twice during this weekend. You don't have to be part of the convention to enjoy these shows.

January 12
Louis Bar w/ Michael Vitali 4tet
649 9th street just west of ave. C
Word is that a phenomenal guitarist named Nir Felder will probably be playing with us as well
We begin at 9pm

January 14th
Bowery Poetry Club w/ Darcy James Argue's Secret Society
308 Bowery St. just above Houston St.
Darcy's band features some of NYC's top players that you may not have seen yet (but should. What are you waiting for?)
The show is a double bill with a West Coast big band called the Industrial Jazz Group and it all kicks off at 8pm

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and had a chance to spend it with the people you care about most. Looks like I'll be starting the new year off running with a string of gigs with various groups including Rob Mosher's 10-piece ensemble, The Secret Society, and the Greg Lamy 4tet (among others). I've listed these dates over at


since its a lot easier for me to do. The first performance is this Sunday with Mosher at he Brooklyn Lyceum on 4th ave. in none other than Brooklyn itself.

Hope you're well and I'll see you soon.


As promised, here is the information for my upcoming show with my Quartet.
We will be performing Nov. 18th (saturday) at
Jimmy's which is located at 43 east 7th street between 2nd and 3rd ave (below the bar Standings)
sets will be at 9 and 11 ($5 cover)
Jimmy's is a great restaurant as well as having an amazing selection of imported beers (click the link on Jimmy's to find out all this information)

The entire days event is a benefit for a New Orleans charity with part of the food and alcohol proceeds going to help victims of the Hurricane. We'll be playing mostly originals of mine so I hope you and your friends get a chance to come and check out our band at this wonderful venue.

I have started to rehearse with a singer/songwriter and she has an album out and plans in the works for touring and TV appearances in the upcoming year. The band is pretty amazing and did I mention she's a soap opera star? More on this to come....

Hope you're all well and I look forward to seeing you soon.


Alright, so there have been gigs and such since I last got around to updating this here site but since getting settled back into life in NYC has become a full-time job, my computer gets minimal use. Things are in the works for recording some material and all signs point to yes for future gigs in the tri-state area.

One thing I can inform you of at this point is that I will be performing at Jimmy's in NYC on the 18th of November. I'll have more info soon but I just thought I'd let anyone who wants to know in advance so you can mark your calendar or put it in your palm pilot.....or your blackberry, implanted chip at the base of your skull (whatever is out there these days that allows our minds the freedom from this information so we can focus them on loftier pursuits such as watching
"my super sweet 16")

Hope life is treating everyone well.


I'm excited to inform all of you that I'll be playing with
Darcy James Argue's Secret Society (finally, schedules align) this weekend on the 26th and the 27th. Darcy has one of NYC's best big bands and some amazing music to boot. His site lists the info but I'll give you the short story here.

The Flux Factory, 38-38 43rd street in Queens on the 26th begins at 9 and we go on at 10:30. There's a $5 cover and there are other groups that night as well. Check their site for more info.

The 27th is at Union Hall, 702 Union Street @ 5th Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11215 (718.638.4400), and we play at 8pm. There's a $10 cover this night (maybe its because we'll play that much better than the night before, so you have to pay more. Maybe not).

Hope everyone is staying cool and enjoying their summer before its gone. See you soon.


Just finished touring and have begun to settle back into life in the Northeast. Though I don't have any new tracks as of yet, I do have a little gig coming up with a fantastic bassist, Edward Perez, and drummer, Ferenc Nemeth at a Soho restaurant called Boom this Monday the 14th. We start sometime after 8 and I will post new details as I get them.

Hello again. I'm back from having some major computer trouble that kept me from being able to update. Now that I'm back in business, I hope to be able to change some content and add some new things.
I'm currently on tour traveling throughout the US with Michael Buble again until sometime in August. Hope everyone is well and I hope to have some new stuff for you soon.

Take care,

Does anyone know if there's anything to do in Tulsa? Suggestions welcome.

How bout Oklahoma City?

Thanks to everyone who sent me clips from the shows. I tried to put them up but it looks like I just don't have the server space so if anyone has any links to these clips that are already on the web, I'd love to link to them.
I couldn't get this one to work on my Mac but maybe some of you out there will be able to view this performance on The Today Show.

Still looking for video clips of the most recent Letterman and Tod ay Show appearances. Can't seem to find ones that work for everyone. Leaving in 1 days time for another tour of the US with Michael Buble.

A new performance of the Damon Grant Project on video should be making an appearance on Congahead.com, website of the LP (Latin Percussion) companies founder, Martin Cohen. There should a video of a performance by Damon Grant, Zacci Curtis, Luques Curtis, Dan Arcamone, Glenn Robertson, as well as myself. There will also be pictures from the session so you can see what kind of thugs we were that day (I, personally, was unaware that it was to be a full-blown video shoot but I'm sure it will look good).

Wishing you the best,

Just got back from the warm weather of Las Vegas to face the freezing temps of NYC. Only wish I could have been here for the record snowfall. Just wanted to give everyone a quick update that I will be playing Feb. 19th with John McNiel's 4tet in Brooklyn at a new club called Night & Day (which is located on the crner of Presidents street and 5th ave.). We'll be starting at 8pm.

I'll also be playing at the Louis Bar on Tuesday (Feb. 21st) from 9 till 12am with the Michael Vitali trio.

Hope everyone's new year is starting out as they planned.

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday. Just wanted to mention that I'll be playing with Michael Vitali's trio again this thursday the 29th at the Louis Bar (direction under 12.22.05) starting at 9:30.

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday season and thank you all for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with me. I hope you all had as great a year as I did and that good fortune continues in the new year.

By the way, I got a last minute gig with the Michael Vitali Trio tonight at the old Louis Bar in Manhattan (649 east 9th street right next to Ave. C) so if you still have some form of transportation despite the transit strike, bring all your stranded Manhattan friends. They'll love you for getting them out of the apartment.


Had some free time while riding the tour bus from Zurich to Barcelona so I thought I would add some new links here and write a new blog for MySpace. In other news, Michael Buble's new live DVD is out in stores which features yours truely playing a ballad solo (don't sneeze or you might miss it). The performance was recently aired on PBS in the US.

If I don't get a chance to write again before the 2006 I'd like to wish everyone a happy holiday and a great New Year's. Hope to see you all soon.


Put up a few tracks and links to musicians I would love to be in NYC playing with.

I'll be performing tonight (I know its last minute) at OPM in downtown Albuquerque from 6 till 8:30 (the happiest of all hours) with the Justin Ray Group.

Slight website meltdown (which can be expected when updating from limited internet in my Bangkok hotel) but everything is under control now. I even got a 'welcome home' from passport control at LAX. Felt pretty good after a month of travel.

Just touched down in Manila and there is nothing sweeter than free internet in the lobby. You may ask, "Whats more exciting than playing in Manila?" My answer to you is, playing in Albuquerque, New Mexico! Ladies and Gentleman, my dream is once again coming true. I will be playing on the 26th of October at Zinc with the Justin Ray Quartet and then on October 28th at Scalo with the Stu Macaskie quintet. Hope to see you there.

A couple of new links as well (one wouldn't work so just paste it in there)


Put up some links to fellow Buble band members.
Sorry, nothing else to report (oh, I did walk through a rainforest in Brisbane today...can't complain about that).

I've been in Melbourne for a few days and seen a number of friends (check out jamieoehlers.com if you get a chance) who are gigging in Australia. Played a few shows relaxed a bit before we start traveling non-stop. Thought I wold ry to update some things While we were in one place. Check the other pages for new stuff.

Alright, so I lied. I haven't put up new tracks yet but I am working on it. Its just that putting them up on My Space was so much easier than putting them up on my actual website that I never got around to it. Are you mad? Don't give me that face, I know you are! Thats better.

You can always sign up on myspace and look for "Mark Small Group" (or just click on the bold, I think the link will work. Hopefully someone tells me if it doesn't).

One last show before I leave (but who knows if I'll get other last minute calls?). I'll be playing tonight at Louis Bar in the East Village with Michael Vitali's trio. The Bar is located at 649 east 9th street right next to Ave. C. We start at 9:30 and there is no cover (but if you come and don't buy a drink of any kind, I will personally remove you!)

Hopefully, I'll have time to make big changes here while I while away the hours in various airports on tour. There will be change....trust me....there will be change.

It's been a long time coming but I am finally on break from touring and can actually update my site from my laptop (as unexciting as this may be to you, this is earth shattering over here in my world).

Now that a long four months of touring has finally come to an end, I get to look forward to...another four months of touring beginging Sept. 15th. I'll be touring with Michael Buble through Australia, South East Asia, UK, and various parts of Europe. Our Schedule can be seen at Pollstar.com for those of you who might be interested in studying what the human body can endure by way of travel.

As for shows while I am in NYC, I regret that I could not inform you all about the three days of shows I just played at Fat Cat with Cuban drummer Francisco Mela. He put together a different band for each night, each having an amazingly unique approach to the same music. The last night culminated with clarinetist/saxophonist Paquito D'Rivera performing with us for a few songs.

As for upcoming performances, I will be playing latin/jazz originals with the Damon Grant Project again at this years annual Oyster Festival in Norwalk, CT. on Saturday the 10th starting at 9pm.

Thanks for sticking around and I hope to have more new tracks and pictures to post on this site soon.

Been busy arranging music which was recorded for Michael Buble's new AOL sessions. Hopefully my adaptations of 'Feelin' Good' and 'The More I See You' will make it on the web soon. I'm also working on music for a trio session this week to have something for everyone on tour who asks "so do you have a recording?".

As for NYC performances, there will sadly be none before I leave the beginning of May to tour with Buble, promoting his new album "It's Time". I should be back in september to play with all my favorite players here in New York.
I'll try to keep you posted until then.


Upcoming performance with Allison Miller's new Band 'Tilt' at
Cornelia Street Cafe in Manhattan's Greenwich Village this Tuesday (March 29th) at 8:30pm. The Band features Shane Endsley on trumpet, Thomson Kneeland on bass, Allison Miller on drums, and myself. This is my last date scheduled before I begin touring again (as far as I know) and it should be a good one.

I will be performing on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno in Michael Buble's band airing this tuesday. Rumor has it, we'll be doing my adaptation of "Feelin' Good", from his second album for Warner, on the show.

Just wanted to tell everyone about a last minute gig at Cleopatra's Needle tonight from 8 to midnight. Cleo's is located at broadway and 92nd street in manhattan. I'll be performing with pianist Mamiko Watanabe's 4tet featuring Massimo Biolcati on bass and Fransisco Mela on Drums. There's no cover (but a minimum charge) and theres a jam session which follows.

Captain's Log, March 28, 2005.
I fear we are no closer to land than we were yesterday and the crew.......
Oh wait, wrong site.

Hey everybody, upcoming gig on March 3rd with pianist
Frank Locrasto's quintet in Brooklyn at the Tea Lounge (located in Park Slope on Union at 7th ave.) Sets are at 9 and 10:30. The band will feature Frank, myself on sax, Greg Ruggiero on guitar, Matt Brewer (Greg Osby band) on bass, and Tommy Crane (Osby band) on drums. On top of that, theres no cover so if thats not enough to get you to brave the cold to Bk'lyn, I don't know what is (hint: subway cars and cabs are heated).

Hope you're well and we'll see you soon.

Vorrei ringraziare le ragazze dall'Italia per i loro regali gentili durante la stagione di festa.

Bienvenue à mes visiteurs récents de France.

Just returned from (sort of) performing on Canada AM as well performing on the David Letterman show with Michael Buble (which featured my adaptation of the single "Feelin' Good" from Michael's new record).
Click here to watch the performance.

I have a few performances in NYC coming up next month which I will post as they get closer so stay tuned.

I'll be performing with bassist Nathan Peck's new quartet "The Voip" on Feb. 8th at
Niagara in NYC. Nathan's group features myself and Tim Collins (vibraphone). The club is located on 7th and Ave A (we perform in the downstairs). We go on at 9pm. Its a small club so get there early if you want a seat. Theres a jam session that follows our gig so bring your horn if you plan on staying. Hope to see you.

Just performed at the Kennedy Center. Click here to see performance. Just procrastinating since I have arranging to do for Buble's upcoming tour (dates unreleased). See you soon.

Thanks to all those who came out for the Louis bar gig on monday night. Looks like we will be doing it again this upcoming Monday, 01.03.05. This time the band will include Take Toriyama on drums (who sounded amazing at this weeks performance), Thompson Kneeland on bass (recorded on Allison Miller's 4tet with me) and Nate Radley on guitar (whos music we will be featuring among other things). These guys should prove to be as amazing as this weeks band.

You can find the location and time in the previous current below. Remember, no cover (your friends will love you for that).

The new track from a session with guitarist, Greg Patterson, is posted as well.

Hope to see you soon.

Hope you all are enjoying the Holiday Season with family and friends. Wanted to let you know about an upcoming gig of mine for all you East Coasters who wont be far from NYC after Christmas.

I will be performing with my own group on Monday the 27th at Louis Bar in the east village (Manhattan). We start at 9:30 and I will be joined by Lionel Loueke on guitar, Nathan Peck on Bass, and a drummer (TBA). Theres no cover charge and Zach is one of the best barkeeps you will ever find (he even plays jazz on the stereo during breaks...unheard of). The bar is located on 9th street just west of Ave. C.
So if you happen to be from NYC or you just missed your flight and the next one costs $2000 (you know who you are) then swing on by the Louis bar for a drink and some good music.

In other news, the recording session with Allison Miller's 4tet went great so I am hoping to get some excerpts from that to put on the site. For those of you in the DC area, I will be performing with the Damon GrantProject at the Kennedy Center on January 15th for an event commemorating Martin Luther King Jr. More details on that later.

Finally back in New York after touring the UK. Its been a while since I've had a chance to write but I want to thank everyone I met for being so wonderful and for those of you I didn't, hope we get a chance to next time I am there. I especially want to thank those of you who have sent pictures and other things from the tour. One of these days I will get the chance to put them up on my site (or at least a link to them).

I have a few shows in NYC coming up that I wanted to tell everyone about. Tuesday the 14th I will be performing with drummer Michael Vitali @
Kavehaz in Manhattan. There is no cover but a small minimum ($6?) and we play from 8 until 11.
There are a few others that are tentative and I will post them soon. Thanks again for stopping by.

I've finaly done it. After pushing my web skills to the limit, I was able to add some new photos. All I ask is that you don't ask why I am wearing the same in Madrid as I am in Palermo (better not to ask). These photos are from tour this summer, courtesy of Nick Vagenas. If you haven't, you should visit his guest book. Just click the word link here and let the fun begin. Either start from the beginning or browse. Just give it time to sink in. Truely a work of art in the spirit of Shakespeare (who was believed to be a group of contributing writers rather than an individual). "Its a highly thematic work of shifting styles and nuanced prose", raves the New York Tribune.

Hello again. I have a few upcoming performances that I would like to share with you before I leave to tour the UK in November.

I will be performing Oct. 17 with pianist Mamiko Watanabe once again at Triad lounge starting at 7pm.

Every monday from 9 until 11 you can catch me with the Michael Vitali trio at a new bar in the east village called Louis's 649 located at 649 east 9th street (close to Ave. C). His trio has moved its residency from the ruby lounge to Louis's.

I will also be performing on Oct. 30th with
Allison Miller's trio at The Jazz Spot, located at 375 Kosciuszko Street in Brooklyn.

Hope to see you at any of these performances. As always, if you don't live near here, pass the word on to a friend who might be interested.
After that, I will off on another UK tour with Michael Buble until sometime around the end of the year.

Wanted to say hello to all the foreign visitors to the website. I've been noticing some interesting countries have been showing up such as Singapore, Bolivia, Equador, Japan, Peru (although, I'm pretty sure that was my buddy Ed) as well as the usual suspects -Italy, Canada, and the UK. I'm glad that there is so much interest from abroad and I hope to make the site exciting enough to keep you coming back. Wish you were all close enough to come to performances but I'm sure I'll be visiting your area with Buble this upcoming year.

Till then,

Been busy but I wanted to say a quick thank you to all the people who came out to see my gigs this past month. I got to hang out with some but not all and if I didn't get to say thanks, just wanted you to know it means a lot that you took the time to come check out the music. Hope you enjoyed and I will continue to let you guys know about upcoming events. Speaking of upcoming, I am playing with Justin Ray (he's making a NYC appearance) and some other amazing musicians at Cafe 111 on court street in Brooklyn tomorrow night. I know this is short notice but the gig was short notice for us as well. We will be performing from midnight until 2am (not so good for people with actual jobs) but there is no cover (good for people without jobs). Hope you're all doing well and I will have more to say in the future.

Good people, the time has come for me to announce some upcoming gigs in the NYC area. I'll be playing this friday at Triad lounge from 9:15 on with pianist Mamiko Watanabe's group.
I'm also excited to announce that the "self-important" quartet co-lead by myself and trumpeter John McNeil will be performing at Cornelia Street Cafe on September 9th from 8:30. Come out to this one and you'll hear Buble's saxophonist and Natalie Merchant's drummer playing music as different from those gigs as you can possibly get. Both performances have a cover charge so check the links to their sites for any info you need. Hope some of you can make it out and for those of you who can't, hopefully I'll see you soon.

Caught the John Mayer/Maroon5 concert at Jones Beach two days ago. Great show. Just wanted to give a little thank you to my man Erik Jekabson for getting me in. He plays trumpet in John's band. He's such an amazing player that I hope you get a chance to check out his site on my links page. He's got an album out for the Fresh Sound/New Talent label.

Yes folks, its Friday the 13th. Just thought I'd add one more track from a group with the amazing trumpeter John Mcneil. Should be some upcoming gigs in NYC with his group for September so I will keep you posted.

As promised there are a few new tracks and new links to some of my favorite players in NYC. More to come so stick around.

Summer touring has finally come to an end so I actually have some time to update the site. I met some really great people while travelling in Australia, UK, Italy, Spain, and the US. Want to thank all of you for the friendship you've shared and for keeping in touch (you all know who you are). If anyone has pictures, articles, etc... from the Buble summer tour, I would love to see them.

As for the site, I'll have some new tracks from a few different groups which I've had the time to record with in-between touring. As always, let me know what you think. Ciao.

Just wanted to thank everyone who came out to this and last weeks NYC gigs. Hopefully, the end of March will find me back performing in NYC. I will keep you posted and thanks again for visiting the site.

I'll also be performing this and next thursday at Smoke (105 and broadway) from 6 until 8:30pm. Hope to see you there.

I'll be performing the next two wednesdays with drummer Michael Vitali's trio in NYC at the Ruby Lounge in the East Village from 9 to midnight (Ruby Lounge is located at 186 East 2nd street between Ave. A and B). Theres no cover so if you're in the neighborhood, please stop in and say hi.

Just wanted to say thanks to all the people I've meet recently on tour who have emailed me through this site. Your compliments really mean a lot. And for those of you who've stumbled onto this site, I hope it has something worth while to offer you. Now that I'm on break for a bit, I'm going to try and add some new tracks from my own studio project. Let me know what you think and thanks for visiting.

I'll be touring on and off for most of the year with Warner recording artist Michael Buble. When not touring, I'll be performing in NYC and the surrounding area with a number of groups.
A full length CD is on its way but finding time to put the finishing touches on it has been a real challenge.

I also have a number of projects in the works such as co-producing singer-songwriter Keith Polasko (playing a number of instruments and engineering duties), CD release of Damon Grant's "Sonidos Nuevos", gearing up for a recording with the Inertia Movement (label to be anounced later), among other things.
Enjoy the site and feel free to let me know what you think.