New York City’s Mark Small is a badman on the tenor.
— Doron Orenstein


By Doron Orenstein

"Although he’s done much more, Mark’s main claim to fame is as the tenor guy in massively popular modern-day crooning sensation Michael Buble’s touring and recording ensemble. Tours with Buble have taken Mark to each and every corner of the planet as well as TV programs such as Saturday Night Live, Leno, Letterman, Ellen, and many others. Mark was a featured soloist on both saxophone and clarinet for the Grammy award winning DVD “Michael Buble meets Madison Square Garden” as well as a live performance for PBS, (which went on to become a Grammy nominated DVD, entitled “Caught in the Act”)."

Whom You Know

by peachy deegan

"Peachy Deegan: Of anything you could have played what made you pick the sax and why?

Mark Small: I actually began playing the saxophone to get out of classes.  I had been playing violin (for the same reason) and a few of my friends decided to switch to saxophone when we got the chance to play brass instruments.  I decided to follow them and we joke about it to this day how I was the worst of the bunch.  Then we started to play in jazz band and I loved to play by ear so I really thrived when it came time for the improvising."