WDNA livestream with new trio

Hello everyone,

Just had an amazing time this morning performing at the radio station WDNA's jazz gallery in Miami.  I had the pleasure of performing with a new trio that I recently formed with the incredible guitarist John Hart and long time friend and amazing pianist Martin Bejerano.  You can hear this performance and a little bit of interview on the livestream link from the radio station by clicking this link

Livestream WDNA gallery show

I hope you enjoy and as always, let me know what you think.  We're hoping to record sometime soon so I'll keep you posted.

All the best,


WDNA Jazz Festival time again...

Hello Everyone,

I have the distinct pleasure of performing again this year for the WDNA jazz Festival in Miami with two of my favorite bands.  On April 26th, I'll be performing with Scone Cash Players at noon on the Government Center Stage.  On April 28th, I'll be performing with the Tim Jago Group at 1:30 on the Bayside Marina Stage in downtown Miami.

These are both phenomenal groups so please join us and catch more music after each of these bands.

Record coming soon

Hello Folks,

Been quite busy between performing other people's music, teaching, and booking music for a venue.  I finally had time to get my trio record mixed at The Samurai Hotel Recording Studio. I think David Stoller did a supremely amazing job with it and I couldn't be happier.  Next stop is seeing if there is a home for this music before I consider putting it out myself.  I'm thrilled to have reconnected with old friends Damion Reid and Matt Brewer to bring some of my music to life.  Despite knowing how well the play, they still managed to surprise me with what they did with my songs.  Big thanks to them as well.

More news to come,


WDNA gallery show

I recently performed at the WDNA performance gallery with my quartet.  The configuration was a new one for me as my guitarist had an unfortunate car accident and was not able to perform.  Instead of the classic organ quartet with guitar, sax, and drums, I chose to switch out the guitar for one of my favorite pianist, Martin Bejerano. 

This video features:

Mark Small - sax

Martin Bejerano - piano

Derek Fairholm - organ

Michael Piolet - drums

5/5/17 linked here


The idea reminded me of when I used to go see Brad Mehldau, Sam Yahel, and Darren Beckett at Small's club in NYC.