WDNA gallery show

I recently performed at the WDNA performance gallery with my quartet.  The configuration was a new one for me as my guitarist had an unfortunate car accident and was not able to perform.  Instead of the classic organ quartet with guitar, sax, and drums, I chose to switch out the guitar for one of my favorite pianist, Martin Bejerano. 

This video features:

Mark Small - sax

Martin Bejerano - piano

Derek Fairholm - organ

Michael Piolet - drums

5/5/17 linked here


The idea reminded me of when I used to go see Brad Mehldau, Sam Yahel, and Darren Beckett at Small's club in NYC.  

Trio recording in NYC with Damión Reid and Matt Brewer

I just finished a full day of recording with two old friends, Damión Reid and Matt Brewer, at the Samurai Hotel recording studio in NYC.  It was beautiful to see these guys bring my trio compositions to life and add the unexpected twists that made them unique to this group.  I can’t thank them enough for playing this music as well as David Stoller who captured this performance in his beautiful studio.  A big thank you to Nick Vayenas for coming out and capturing video of this date.  I can’t wait to see how it all comes together.

This session was an impromptu decision I made, knowing I would be in NYC in a months time.  Setting a deadline such as this really pushed me to I called these friends, booked the studio, wrote music, and worked around quite a few obstacles to see this through.  I’ve learned so much from the experience and it has stoked a fire to do it again and go deeper into the music.  

The connection with these musicians goes back over a decade when I met and played duos with Damión in Boston for hours at a time, day after day. I met Matt when we were roommates living in Harlem when he was still pretty new to NYC.  He sounded so amazing then that you would have thought he had been in the city for ages.

Right now I'm getting ready to see Winter Jazz Fest in NYC before heading back south.  It will be a special treat to see so many old friends that I haven’t had a chance to catch up with in years.  More about that when I write again.  Hope you all are having a great start to 2017!

New Video with Nick Vayenas

I was invited to my good friend Nick Vayenas to his new studio in Astoria, Queens to record with a few old friends from both Miami and New York.  This video features a song I had recorded with pianist Asen Doykin for a collective band called "Openended".  


When the Time Comes


This rendition features Nick on trombone, Asen on piano, Josh Allen on bass, and Evan Hyde on drums.

Hope you enjoy,


New Videos

Hello Everyone,

I've posted a few new videos on Youtube of two very different trios that I've been playing with.  The first is called Rest/Unrest, led by drummer John Yarling, is a tribute to the music of Mark Helias, NYC bassist and composer. This trio is myself on saxophone, Josh Allen on bass, and John Yarling on drums. 

The other is a collective group called the Language Trio which features Rodolfo Zuniga on drums, Josh allen and myself.  These videos are of a recent tour to Costa Rica where we performed at "El Sotano" in the capital, San Jose.

Hope you enjoy them,


with Langauge Trio:

"Last Time I Saw Paris" 


with Rest/Unrest